Mindful individuals, teams and organisations.

Modern workplaces face growing complexity, change and uncertainty and increasing demands on employees’ attention. With mental fitness and well-being so critical, our mindfulness programmes develop these skills and empower individuals to thrive amidst challenge and change.

We offer introductory sessions and a variety of training programmes to suit your organisation - from weekly drop-in classes to courses of 8, 6 and 4 weeks and bespoke programmes (see below). Everything we do is carefully tailored to provide meaningful and lasting impact. Please get in touch to discuss the range of possibilities.

8-Week Mindfulness Courses

Provide a deep and comprehensive training experience. The evidence-base shows that these programmes have the potential to change lives. Courses include:

6-Week & 4-Week ‘Mindfulness Skills’ Courses

Custom-designed with your organisation’s needs in mind, whether the focus is on general wellbeing, performance, resilience and stress management or stronger working relationships. In these courses we:

  • Explore the basics of mindfulness

  • Equip staff with key mindfulness skills to empower them in daily life

Maintaining Mindfulness

Following any mindfulness training programme, the long term impact is supported by continued engagement and commitment. A series of ‘Re-Connect’ sessions helps:

  • Maintain the habit of mindfulness practice for ongoing benefit

  • Further develop social connection between course members

  • Embed mindfulness into organisational routines and practices

Bespoke Mindfulness Training

Many organisations require an entirely tailored approach to implementing mindfulness training. We can create a special programme to accommodate the unique shape, schedule and day to day life of your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.