Time to pause, breathe and refresh.

How do drop-ins work?

  • A weekly 45/60 min on-site session for staff to drop-in and practice mindfulness together

  • Guided meditation, group reflection and new themes each week

  • Convenient - staff pick and choose when they attend

  • Suitable for all levels of experience

  • Low cost, low commitment, easy to manage

  • Choose a morning, lunchtime or afternoon slot

Benefits for Staff

Reduce Stress & Increase Focus

Mindfulness practice brings stillness to the mind - enabling us to manage stress, use our physical and emotional resources effectively and experience deep rest, ready for what the rest of the day may bring.

Build Healthy Habits

We know regular meditation is good for us - but sticking to is a challenge! A scheduled weekly class provides the support and structure needed to maintain the habit and realise the longer term benefits.

Benefits for your Organisation

A Culture of Wellbeing

Drop-ins provide a regular window of calm and space in the working week. They contribute to a workplace culture that values wellbeing, in which staff can pause and step back from the busy-ness.

Connection and Community

Drop-ins are open to all, encouraging more cross-team connections and helping break down social barriers. Meditation promotes empathy and compassion - the ability to recognise the human side of those we work with.

Easy to Run

Ideal for organisations looking to get mindfulness up and running quickly and simply; the drop-in option is straightforward to setup. We can even provide promotional material to advertise classes to staff, taking the work out of your hands.

Gage the Impact

Many organisations use drop-ins to pilot mindfulness before establishing a longer term programme such as the 8-week course.

The weekly drop-ins have been very popular and staff seem to come back to their desks feeling lighter and refreshed!
— Cambridge University Student Services Centre