Themed Workshops

Bespoke classes on a diverse range of topics from Performance to Self-Care

Workshops are tailored to your group or event - explore the range of topics below and please get in touch to discuss.

Personal Well-being

Happiness habits・Work-Life balance・Self care・Self-compassion・Managing stress and anxiety・Eating mindfully・Sleep habits・Mental health

Working Mindfully

Focus & attention・Performance under pressure・Creativity・Communication・Mindful meetings Time-Energy management・Interview/Presentation anxiety・Single-tasking


Work-life balance・Burnout & exhaustion・Mindful tech/ social-media use・Digital Detox Day・Eating, sleeping and moving mindfully・Commuting・Mindful walking

Mindful Leaders

Leading with emotional intelligence・Unconscious bias ・Empathic & Compassionate Leadership・Energy-management・Values and goal setting・Work-life balance

Mindful Teams

Resilience under pressure・Interpersonal mindfulness and collaboration・Creative thinking・Mindful Meetings


Interpersonal mindful communication・Mindful Listening・Compassion and Kindness・Parenting and family life