Mindfulness at University

University life is demanding - the expectation to perform at your very best, to handle the intense pressure of academic study and to live it all fully - which probably means burning the candle at both ends! Students commonly experience stress and anxiety, sleep problems, affected focus and performance, and mental health issues such as depression. But formal education doesn't equip us with any effective coping strategies - so our health suffers, the quality of our work dips and the 'best days of our lives' may just feel overwhelming.

Your future in mind

Well-being is essential to success and happiness. I teach students simple exercises that they can use to stay calm, focused and better manage the pressures of university life. For some, mindfulness is a tool for coping with difficulties and retaining a balance - for others it's the way to stay on top of their game and perform at their very best. Young adults require, now more than ever, to be equipped with the skills of emotional intelligence and resilience - the ability to respond to all life's challenges, large or small.

Explore the courses and coaching options below and contact me to learn more. 

Courses & Coaching for Students

Taster sessions offer students & university staff a short and meaningful introduction to mindfulness. Designed to engage, educate, inform and offer a practical experience. Suitable for complete beginners interested in learning about mindfulness and those considering joining a course. Ideal for student well-being events or exam-term support.

Breathing space into busy student lives. 

Introducing mindfulness as a life skill for students; teaching practical strategies for finding peace and calm, managing stress and anxiety and improving well-being. Eight accessible and engaging weekly sessions designed to fit into busy student lives.

Designed for happy & successful student living.

A series of sessions tailored to you. Learn simple strategies for greater clarity and calm. One-to-one coaching puts the focus on you and your life; developing the practical skills of mindfulness in a way that's relevant to your life - as a successful student and happier person.

Tailored sessions - from the comfort of your own study!

A super-accessible and affordable way for students to learn simple strategies and skills that help relax and focus busy minds. Designed for students who aspire to a successful and happy university experience. What would greater clarity and calm bring into your life?